Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are we ?
Global Sharing Intelligent Technology Sdn. Bhd. (GS for short) is an International Trading System provider. The products we develop are mainly Artificially Intelligent (AI) products for example: AI Trading System. Our team comprises top international financiers, mathematicians, software developers, engineers, and other professionals. We have built a professional team with muscular technical strength, rich practical experience, and the courage to innovate. This makes us a leader in both technology and management in the industry and enables us to provide the most professional business consultation and strong technical support to our clients.
What is GS AI Trading System ?
GS AI Trading System is a complex and innovative system that helps clients trade even when they know little to nothing about trading Forex, Gold, Futures, etc. The AI Trading System is designed to analyze the market 24 hours a day and trade automatically with minimal risk, bringing continuous and stable profits to our clients.
Who is this AI Trading System for?
Applicable to stockbrokers, futures brokers, foreign exchange brokers, asset management companies, fund companies, private equity companies, and any individuals who want to obtain passive income in the financial investment market and have neither trading experience nor time in the financial markets and various investment institutions with unstable trading.
Why should I trust you ?
The AI Trading System is designed by GS’s professional team based on tens of thousands of actual trades over ten years and consistently stable, profitable models and rules. We can provide trading data of actual accounts of different clients with different brokers for more than one year. Our clients choose their favorite brokers to open accounts, and GS only provides AI Trading System. We pursue risk control first and profit second. The most important thing is that if the client is not profitable in that month (30-day cycle), there is no need to pay the Technology Usage Fee.
Is it possible to lose money?
According to the trading results in recent years, there have been no losses yet. However, the actual profitable results in the past don't mean that there is no risk in the future. Therefore, we must consider the loss of money because any investment product has risks. Our risk control system is designed to minimize the loss of clients during special market conditions. (In case of loss, the client will only start to pay the Technology Usage Fee if the profit reaches more than the client's initial deposit)

GS risk control system can minimize risks and allow our client to use our AI Trading System with peace of mind.
Can I monitor the transaction status in real time ?
Yes, you can. Just log in to your MT4/MT5 trading account with a read-only password and monitor all trades made by our AI Trading System in real-time to check your own open and closed position trading records.
Where can I get more information ?
You can contact us via live chat, email at,or call us directly to schedule an appointment. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.
Can GS make withdrawals on behalf of clients ?
No, GS will not be able to withdraw on behalf of clients. GS only provides AI Trading System service. The client's funds are all in the brokerage firm of their choice, and the withdrawal of funds is executed by the client and the brokerage firm of their choice.
Why should I be charged for Technology Usage Fee ?
GS is an international technology company with a variety of high-end technical personnel. The company needs to pay ongoing fees to accountants, developers, lawyers, consultants, and customer service teams. These employees ensure that the AI trading system is trouble-free and can adapt to the latest market changes. The AI Trading System needs experts at times to fine-tune and ensure the system brings the best trading results and thus consistent and stable profits

However, in the event that no profit has been made in a month (30-day cycle), no fees are charged for that month, and your money is safe with the protection of a regulated broker you have chosen. As a technical company, we do not hold any of your funds and do not provide you with any financial advice.
What action will be taken if the client refuses to pay for the Technology Usage Fee after the account has become profitable ?
Clients will not be allowed to continue using our AI trading system, and the service will be disconnected and terminated immediately. The client will bear all losses on open positions. GS also reserves the right to pursue legal proceedings to collect technology usage fees owed by the client.
How to withdraw my funds ?
You can make a withdrawal at any time; but make sure to contact your broker before withdrawing. Please also notify us or email us at at least 48 hours before you withdraw. This is because our technical team needs to reconfigure the system to prevent your account from trading at high risk. If you have decide not to continue using our AI Trading System, you can stop it at any time. However, please make sure that there are no open trades in your trading account before 100% withdrawal.
Can GS provide any financial consulting or investment advice ?
No. GS is not an investment company or a financial advisory company. We are a technology company; hence we cannot provide our clients with any financial or investment advice.