About Global Sharing

Global Sharing (GS) was established with one goal in mind, to provide solutions for our own investment that enables us to no longer be required to stay up late and trade manually but still able to achieve exciting results and continuous, stable profits. It is a definite dream come true for most investors! As many investors experience losses, mainly due to human greed and fear, we have decided to develop an AI Trading System using experience which we have gathered throughout the years of manual trading to overcome the weaknesses of human nature. Our AI Trading System is designed by GS's professional team based on tens of thousands of actual trades over ten years and consistently, stable, profitable models and rules. This system automatically studies the market and makes the most accurate and best decision for 'going long' or 'going short.' Hence, we were able to generate passive income during leisure, traveling, or even sleeping time.

Our team comprises top international financiers, mathematicians, software developers, engineers, and other professionals. Since 2008, our team has made unremitting efforts to accumulate experience in manual trading and invested in manpower and finances to develop the AI Trading System. In 2012, we launched Semi-automatic Trading System, while continuous optimization and upgrading finally launched the fully AI Trading System in 2016.

Our Milestone

Records the needs and goals of our achivements

Our Mission

To help our client generate additional passive income and enjoy a better life.

Our Vision

To be a World-Class professional AI Trading System provider.

Our Promise

Integrity, Consistency, Stability.